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    All of our services were created with you in mind. At this difficult time rest assured we have thought of even the smallest details.

Barlavento Funeral Home is at your service with a team of professionals available to help you decide on a service created for you

Our Services

Funerals (Burials)


Funerals for Open Graves, Coffins and Drawers

Exhumations (Mortal Remains)

Cremations of Mortal Remains

Service covering the entire nation

International Department

Necrology (Newspapers, Social Networks, etc.)

Documentation and Bureaucracy (Social Security, Department of Presentation and Association with Death Assistance)


Maintenance and Assistance of Coffins and Tombs

Funeral Insurance Contracts

State Funerals (Declaration – Law 206/01 Article. 13)

Ornamentation and Preparation of Chapels and Churches

International repatriation

Catering Service

Organ Music for Funerals

Preparation and Organization of Funeral Missions

Contact with Embassies and Consulates

Mormon Service

Floristry Service


Posthumous Tributes

Artist / Painter Representations

Spreading the Ashes Ceremonies at Sea


Photography and / or Videography

Specialized and Advanced Cleaning

Homage Mass Markings (7th day, Month, etc.)

Grievance counselling