Funeraria Barlavento
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Funerária Barlavento has a team of professional undertakers available to assist you with the services we provide

In addition to the services listed below we are able to offer, in conjunction with firms that have become dependable partners of ours due to their quality, a wider range of options such as floral arrangements, marble work (graves, tombs and drawers), grave maintenance and post-funeral catering, amongst others.

Consult us to obtain further information on these and other services.

We present you our services:

24-hour Funeral Service
Funerals for any kind of religious following
Funeral services (funerals, cremations)
National and international re-interment arrangements
International Department
Permanent, personalised service
Qualified staff
Fleet of modern hearses
Publication of obituary notices
Documentation: Social Security, Pension Organisations and Mutual Relief Associations
Exhumation and re-interment of mortal remains (bones)
Maintenance and treatment of burial, tombs and drawers
Pre-planned funeral contracts
Instalment payment schemes
Social Fund funerals (Act 206/01 Item 13)
Display of coffins
Thanatoaesthetics (cosmetic preparation of bodies]
Thanatopraxia - LEARN MORE